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Central London property management is a fine balance between being proactive and reactive. Our focus as Kensington property agents is to keep the running costs of the asset low, whilst maintaining a high standard to maximise yield.

On a quarterly basis, all our managed properties are inspected and any issues reported. This helps minimise wear and tear and prevents maintenance matters escalating to more costly problems.

We make sure that both tenants and landlords are always kept up to date. Communication is key when trying to minimise inconvenience and stress.

We oversee works and services to the property, making sure service agreements, insurance and regular maintenance contracts are in place and up to date.

A well-managed property means happier, reliable tenants,; who stay longer and pay more.


“Palace Gate Property Management has made having a London pied-a-terre whilst living on the Continent a lot easier. The agents are not only friendly and helpful but are also knowledgeable and basically take care of everything before you have even thought about it. One has the security that everything is taken care of.”                                                                                                               AH Hamburg Germany


"I love the professional, yet friendly service that Palace Gate provides.  They are my go to guys for much more than London real estate; they are my a guide to London living."                                                                                                                            NW Chelsea London

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